Happy Thanksgiving ~ Stuffed Like a Turkey

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A picture is worth a thousand words!

I ate too much!

I have a feeling that today I’m going to to look like Marlin after our Thanksgiving feast.

Enjoy time spent with your family.


Happy Belated Birthday Mom!

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My mom loves all things lemon, so I baked her a super lemon infused cake for her birthday.

lemony lemon birthday cake

I’ve always thought she’s an angel on earth.  She is so beautiful, patient, kind,  and always, always,  positive.

You might say that she takes life’s lemons and turns them into lemonade 100% of the time.

Now that is an art my friends.

Hope your day was joyful and that the upcoming year brings you everything good.

Love you!


On a Roll … Crayon Roll That Is!

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I smell crayons

Ever since I was in kindergarten, I’ve loved the smell of a box of new, fresh, Crayola crayons.  I could hardly wait to open a new box and create free- form designs that I could color creatively.  Of course there were also color books that I enjoyed.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to make crayon rolls.  When I accepted an opportunity to be a vendor at a craft show, I quickly went to work making a handful of these beauties with a more sophisticated, but fun, pallet of fabrics.

My thought is that parents could use these as stocking stuffers for their children.  Having a personal set of crayons in a pretty little holder is by far better for children who use crayons to color at restaurants, appointments etc.  There aren’t those pesty communal germs (crayons in other kids’ mouths, nose …) to worry about as a parent, and your child can enjoy their very own artist gems.

for the budding artists

When not in use, the crayons are simply rolled up and tied.  Easy peasy!

They look so pretty displayed in a muslin lined basket.  Since I have some extras on my hand right now, and if you’re interested … just let me know.

crayons and other goodies

New Hat for New Snow!

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Well we got our first dusting of snow for the year.  It made the mountains and evergreens look so frosted and fresh.  In these parts, it’s essential to have snuggly, warm, wool hats to help stave off the bitter cold that settles in.

My fist attempt at this Thorpe hat was much too big for my daughter, who is an avid snow rider (boarder).  She really appreciates the hand knit woolens I’ve been sending her way lately.  I guess she’s finally grown up to appreciate how amazing hand-knits can be.

Making a hat for someone who isn’t around to continually try it on is sometimes like Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  You just keep knitting, and ripping it out, until the next time she can come home to try on her hat to assure the fit is perfect.

Unfortunately, I knit this hat up entirely the first time, only to be unraveled and knit again two more times.  Yes, I know that this process is labor intensive, but although the measurements said the size would be exact, it turned out to be much, much, too big, … think Papa Bear size.

Papa Bear size hat ... much too big!

The second time I knit this, I only got several inches into the hat before I realized that the size was going to be just a bit too big too,  due to the stretchy yarn … think Mama Bear size, so I had to rip this out.

Mama Bear size hat ... a little bit too big!

The third time is always a charm, (so they say)!  This attempt was the  Baby Bear size ( you get the idea) with a perfect fit … although my daughter is not a baby anymore.

Baby Bear size hat ... a perfect fit!

She shreds up the snowy mountains on her snowboard, because gurlz rule!

So this hat is for D-Spin, my fierce snow rider, who always needs to sport a cool hat after a long day on the slopes.

Stay toasty warm honey!

P.S.  Be safe!

Vintage Bike $35 ~ Look on my son’s face … Priceless!

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My eldest son is an avid bicyclist and uses one for the majority of all his commutes, in every kind of weather.  Yes, he could be seen pedaling down the icy/snowy street in the dead of winter (yeah, one of those kind of commuters).  He definitely contributes his share to “going green”!

He’s been wanting an old “beater” bike, one that can stay locked up to the bike rack at work, in all kinds of weather … snow, sleet, hail etc., without him worrying about it getting damaged.  Before I found one for him, he almost paid triple for a bike that was in pretty bad shape.  Thank goodness he didn’t, because our bike gift was 100% free for him, and way cooler!

I love garage sales!

This is where you can get some of the  best prices in town.  We found this 1970’s Schwinn Suburban bike hanging on the garage wall of an estate sale.  The son of the owner wanted $50 for it and was pretty firm on the price since it was in pretty very good shape for its old age.  It even came with the original owner’s manual.  After saying no to the asking price, we left.

Thinking of what a cool vintage bike this was, and the fact that we have the know-how and energy to breathe new life into it, we decided to return during the last hour of the sale.  To our surprise, the bike was still there.  After asking the man to take it down, another couple came over to admire and inquire about it too.

Knowing I wanted to buy it, and nobody was going to buy it out from under me, I quickly negotiated a deal with the owner. He finally accepted $35 for this diamond in the rough, and made sure to remind me that he could get well over $150 if he sold it on Craigslist.  I knew he was right.

The seller felt good knowing that his deceased father’s bike would be given a new life, and  lots of care from my conscientious son.  (Yes, I had to share a bit about my son’s avid commuting in order to seal the deal).  We quickly and happily departed before he could change his mind, and got to work on detailing the bike.  We bought new tires, tubes, and brakes for it as well.

vintage 1970's Schwinn Suburban ~ before

Yes, it took hours of cleaning , lubing and tuning up, but … the end result was amazing!

The look on my son’s face was priceless!  He was so surprised and happy to be getting a new “old” bike with lots of vintage charm (my description, not his)!  True to the 1970’s all the way.  His new “old” bike was originally considered to be a “lightweight” road bike, although it weighs about 50 pounds (slight exaggeration, but not by much)!

Now it’s shiny and vintage-cool-looking.  All for around $90 total.

all cleaned and tuned up ~ after

Like I said before … the look of surprise on my son’s face … priceless!

Think green!