Snow is on the Way

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It’s true … snow is on the way.

mountain horse circa 2010

Soon we too will be sportin’ our own winter coats.

Stay warm!

Holiday Creativity

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This holiday, I tried to make lots of fun gifts for giving.  Here are some of my creations … enjoy!

This denim and flannel rag quilt was made by re-using my family’s old worn denim jeans.  (Go green)!  It took 262 squares of fabric, and a million (or more) 1/4 inch snips to create.  It is earth and doggy friendly, and is oversized to cloak my son and his family while snuggling up on the couch.

I’ve been wanting to make these coffee cozies for a long time, so I designed and made my son and his girlfriend 4 different ones to protect their hands from the steamy coffee and hot tea they so enjoy at the local coffee shops.

coffee cozies

Since my dad is always freezing, I knit him a pair of fingerless gloves in a washable wool, so that he can still have warm hands while doing the mountains of paperwork he always seems to have.

hand knit fingerless mitts

My daughter has carried the little wallet I gave her years ago, and unfortunately is getting a little tattered.  She was disappointed to  learn that the company no longer makes this little compact size anymore.  This of course became one of my challenges, so I made her several different ones that very closely mimic her old original one.  They are small enough to fit into your pocket, and hold your keys, money license and credit cards.  Very efficient indeed!  After several trial and error attempts on this one, I think I finally made the perfect product.

efficient little wallet

If  it’s made of fabric … I can design, or duplicate most things.  It’s taken me a lifetime to reach this level of creativity.  Hmmm so what am I waiting for?

Happy New Year!