Happy (Late) Blog Anniversary to Me!

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I can’t believe that a year has already passed since I began this little blog adventure on February 13, 2010.   It’s been a wonderful way to document some aspects of my life.

As I’ve said before, I owe this all to my amazingly talented son who created this blog to be just exactly what I wanted.

happy 1st blog anniversary to me ...

Being the thrifty gal that I am … I re-gifted these gorgeous Valentine’s Day roses from my DH, to ME for my blog anniversary.  Smart huh?

Thanks to my son for giving me this avenue for creativity… and thanks to my readers for perusing these pages!

Happy Valentines Day … Meditative Mind Tea

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This past week it’s been so severely cold. . .

in comes this delicate, floral tea, Meditative Mind.  Isn’t it the most beautiful tea you’ve ever seen?  The colors and textures are magnificent, and oh so  comforting.  The taste is ever so mild.

soothing, calming, stress-relief

Chinese white tea with jasmine pearls and rosebuds.

anti-oxidants + anti-aging + very low caffeine = Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Saturday Morning in the Country

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I hope you enjoy as much beauty in your Saturday.


A New Thorpe Hat

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I reworked the brim and ear flaps on this hat to better fit my daughter.  Today I finally finished  knitting it.  This is her second hat in this particular style.  The timing is perfect for all the snow and freezing weather we’ve been getting around here.

love that blue

Hope you’re staying warm by the fire!

New (old) Office Chair

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We’re usually pretty thrifty resourceful around here.  Since we’ve painted our office space with the most luscious shade of a moody blue/gray/green paint, our old desk chair looked much too shabby to keep as is.

See … very boring!

In comes some beautiful fabric, some basic tools, and . . .  voila!

A new stylish, recovered chair.  Amazing what a little bit of fabric can do.

oooh la la!

If you have to work and pay bills, you might as well surround yourself with pretty, yet functional things!