Happy (Late) Blog Anniversary to Me!

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I can’t believe that a year has already passed since I began this little blog adventure on February 13, 2010.   It’s been a wonderful way to document some aspects of my life.

As I’ve said before, I owe this all to my amazingly talented son who created this blog to be just exactly what I wanted.

happy 1st blog anniversary to me ...

Being the thrifty gal that I am … I re-gifted these gorgeous Valentine’s Day roses from my DH, to ME for my blog anniversary.  Smart huh?

Thanks to my son for giving me this avenue for creativity… and thanks to my readers for perusing these pages!

2 Responses to “Happy (Late) Blog Anniversary to Me!”

  1. Celine Says:

    Happy anniversary! I love your blogs and die of laughter each time. Sorry for the black eye but it is a helluva storyline.

  2. P Says:

    Thanks Celine! My shiner actually got worse as the week progressed. Dave thought I rubbed yellow highlighter all over, under my eye. Wise guy! Glad you enjoyed the story.
    Hugs, P

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