Spring Babies Are Here!

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I love cows.

Enjoy your spring walk today.


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I’m not the most graceful of people in this stage of my life but… this was completely not my fault!

Thanks to the mega wind gusts on Friday, I’m sporting this lovely blackish, yellowish, shiner.  This is my first black eye, and it really hurts.

People  stare at me when I’m shopping.  I feel the need to put on my Jackie O. glasses and navigate around the aisles in the dark to avoid the staring, and the need to explain that a big, brown, recycle bin + hurricane force winds, kicked my face’s A$$!

black eye mess

The reason this happened is because I’m such a good Samaritan.  I decided to wheel my humongous recycle cart to the backyard on a high wind day,  when abruptly a hurricane gust of wind slammed into me … and that stupid cart.   The cart’s lid flipped backwards with such a strong force, it nearly knocked me down to the ground.  Unfortunately, my face caught the brunt of that blow.

The hard plastic hit my face so hard that my first thought was, “Oh my god, it knocked out my front teeth, what is the name of that last dentist I saw”?  After rooting around my mouth with my tongue, I discovered that all my teeth were there (even though my front tooth was roughed up on the bottom).

I next thought whether or not my eyeball was laying on the concrete on the side of our house.  Since I darted into my house so quickly, and I didn’t feel my foot squish my eyeball along the way, I assumed it was still inside its socket.

At first, I looked just like a boxer with a broken nose,  as there was immediate swelling so that my nose became very wide on the bridge, and was slightly bleeding.  Two of my kids have broken their noses, and fixing that was NOT something I wanted to endure, so I prayed my nose was going to be alright.

I had a nice red “slap” mark on my face courtesy of the big brown beast.  I’ve iced off and on all weekend, and have taken more ibuprofen than I’ve taken the last year in total.  Because I’m so bad A$$, I even went on a two mile walk right after the accident.  I  wasn’t about to let that ghastly wind scare me, so I just took an ice pack and iced along the way.  Afterwards, I didn’t feel so good.

The moral to the story is to let your big, strong, husband take care of the big brown beast on hurricane wind days!

ding, ding, ding, … round 10 … I win!

Mystical Day

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This photo speaks for itself.

Every day I give thanks for all the things beautiful in my life.  How fortunate I am to witness these moody and ever-changing mountains in my own backyard.

I love the fog~