Mountain View

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Mt. Scene

Everybody needs a little beauty in their life.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Artisan Bread

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Boule - Artisan Free-Form Loaf

Beautiful!  This recipe came from the book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. The idea is that you throw together the dough in less than 5 minutes then refrigerate it up to two weeks and use it as you need it.

It turned out exceptionally well … but it ruined my pizza stone!  The book suggested using a high grade 1/2 inch stone, and that’s what I thought I had, until I heard a loud “snap” in my oven as my bread was baking.  Sure enough, my stone split right in half.

The dough is very, very, wet … quite unlike any other bread dough I’ve worked with.  It reminded me of those warm, steamy, loaves of bread that restaurants bring out.  I want to make this again, but I need a new pizza stone.  Apparently the evenly browned and crusty crust comes from a very hot oven, the even distribution of heat from the stone, and steam.

We ate this with tortilla soup.  Yum!

Thank goodness Mother’s Day is just around the corner (hint, hint).  Williams-Sonoma carries one that has a lifetime guarantee from cracking.  I could see myself baking bread in the future on a regular basis, using this method.

Mmmmm!  The smell of homemade bread.

Happy Birthday Marlin!

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This month it’s Marlin’s first birthday.  The exact date is unknown since he was a stray living on the streets of cow-town.

Marlin Kitten

His eyes changed from blue, to green, and now they’re a warm amber.

Curling up for naptime

He used to fit nicely into his little bed … but not anymore.  He’s about tripled his weight since he was adopted.  No more ribs are showing.

I dare ya to walk by

One of his favorite things to do is play in bags.  He loves to take a quick swipe at you with his big kitty puffs as you walk by.

Helper or distraction?

Marlin loves to help his mommy study.  Both are brilliant.

His guardian saved his life and charmed her own.

Our little aka:  “Chicken Nugget”, “Mr. Sassy Pants.”

We love you so much and can squeeze you flat.  Happy Birthday!

Warm Windows

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Arbor Trail

It took me forever to find just the right fabric.  I finally chose Colonial Williamsburg’s Arbor Trail to use as the covering for my guest bedroom’s warm windows.

Miles of fabric

Well … I stared at these miles and miles of fabric since Fall.  I thought I’d work on the warm windows during Thanksgiving break … failed!  winter break … failed! … Presidents’ weekend? … failed!  Now it’s spring break and I’ve spent the last two days completing the first window shade while I’m battling a nasty cold.

Although I love to sew, this project is no fun at all.  There is massive fabric to be cut and squared, magnets to be placed, and lots of little brass rings to be sewn.  Crawling around on the wood floor has made my back feel like I’ve been in a crash.  My head still hurts too.

Completed shade

Hanging the shade … this  last part is the worst!  My helper can second that sentiment.  I guess we’ll tackle that tomorrow, the day I start shade #2 for that same room.

I guess it’s all worth it in the end.  Soft roman shades with both style and insulating properties.

Spring Break?

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Spring Break ?

Yep … you guessed it.  Our state has a way of letting you know that mother nature is the boss in these parts.  As the day progresses, it gets warmer and warmer.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the 50’s.

Go figure!