Happy Birthday Marlin!

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This month it’s Marlin’s first birthday.  The exact date is unknown since he was a stray living on the streets of cow-town.

Marlin Kitten

His eyes changed from blue, to green, and now they’re a warm amber.

Curling up for naptime

He used to fit nicely into his little bed … but not anymore.  He’s about tripled his weight since he was adopted.  No more ribs are showing.

I dare ya to walk by

One of his favorite things to do is play in bags.  He loves to take a quick swipe at you with his big kitty puffs as you walk by.

Helper or distraction?

Marlin loves to help his mommy study.  Both are brilliant.

His guardian saved his life and charmed her own.

Our little aka:  “Chicken Nugget”, “Mr. Sassy Pants.”

We love you so much and can squeeze you flat.  Happy Birthday!

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  1. Diane Says:

    My cutie little Muffin Doodle!!! Thanks for giving him a birthday shout-out. Feel free to squeeze him flat anytime you want…or until he wiggles free. <3

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