A New Thorpe Hat

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I reworked the brim and ear flaps on this hat to better fit my daughter.  Today I finally finished  knitting it.  This is her second hat in this particular style.  The timing is perfect for all the snow and freezing weather we’ve been getting around here.

love that blue

Hope you’re staying warm by the fire!

Holiday Creativity

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This holiday, I tried to make lots of fun gifts for giving.  Here are some of my creations … enjoy!

This denim and flannel rag quilt was made by re-using my family’s old worn denim jeans.  (Go green)!  It took 262 squares of fabric, and a million (or more) 1/4 inch snips to create.  It is earth and doggy friendly, and is oversized to cloak my son and his family while snuggling up on the couch.

I’ve been wanting to make these coffee cozies for a long time, so I designed and made my son and his girlfriend 4 different ones to protect their hands from the steamy coffee and hot tea they so enjoy at the local coffee shops.

coffee cozies

Since my dad is always freezing, I knit him a pair of fingerless gloves in a washable wool, so that he can still have warm hands while doing the mountains of paperwork he always seems to have.

hand knit fingerless mitts

My daughter has carried the little wallet I gave her years ago, and unfortunately is getting a little tattered.  She was disappointed to  learn that the company no longer makes this little compact size anymore.  This of course became one of my challenges, so I made her several different ones that very closely mimic her old original one.  They are small enough to fit into your pocket, and hold your keys, money license and credit cards.  Very efficient indeed!  After several trial and error attempts on this one, I think I finally made the perfect product.

efficient little wallet

If  it’s made of fabric … I can design, or duplicate most things.  It’s taken me a lifetime to reach this level of creativity.  Hmmm so what am I waiting for?

Happy New Year!

Slouchy Hat

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Since Christmas is just right around the corner, I’m unable to reveal some of the things I’ve made for gifts.  You’ll need to check back later for that.

A week ago, I went to a homemade, local craft/art fair downtown.   As always, I went home not only inspired, but with oodles of cool crafting ideas to do myself.

At one booth, there was this lovely young woman selling very unique items using gorgeous textiles (fabrics … you know).  The one item that caught my eye was the slouchy hand-knit hat she was wearing, not selling.  Since she was not a knitter, she paid a friend to make it for her.  I thought that hat looked familiar … it was a pattern that I had, and was put in my queue  to knit sometime later after the holidays.  SCORE!

After the craft fair, I drove directly to the yarn store (cuz that’s how I roll) to get some yarn to make me the slouchy hat.  This is what it looks like.  The twisted cables are super interesting, and look much more difficult than they were to knit.  In two short nights, I had a new hat!

convergence of cables

See what I mean about taking crafty diversions to make a few things for me?  Sometimes I think that I’m an ADD crafter/ knitter/ seamstress.  Oh well, I get lots of sh*t done!


P.S.  Once again, lame-o on the ridiculous date stamp!  I think I’ve solved that little problem for future photos.

P.P.S.  Because this hat sits back a bit on the head, my bangs are left untouched.  This is a good thing, because I don’t want to have squashed down bangs like Moe of the “Three Stooges” (been there, done that)!

New Hat for New Snow!

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Well we got our first dusting of snow for the year.  It made the mountains and evergreens look so frosted and fresh.  In these parts, it’s essential to have snuggly, warm, wool hats to help stave off the bitter cold that settles in.

My fist attempt at this Thorpe hat was much too big for my daughter, who is an avid snow rider (boarder).  She really appreciates the hand knit woolens I’ve been sending her way lately.  I guess she’s finally grown up to appreciate how amazing hand-knits can be.

Making a hat for someone who isn’t around to continually try it on is sometimes like Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  You just keep knitting, and ripping it out, until the next time she can come home to try on her hat to assure the fit is perfect.

Unfortunately, I knit this hat up entirely the first time, only to be unraveled and knit again two more times.  Yes, I know that this process is labor intensive, but although the measurements said the size would be exact, it turned out to be much, much, too big, … think Papa Bear size.

Papa Bear size hat ... much too big!

The second time I knit this, I only got several inches into the hat before I realized that the size was going to be just a bit too big too,  due to the stretchy yarn … think Mama Bear size, so I had to rip this out.

Mama Bear size hat ... a little bit too big!

The third time is always a charm, (so they say)!  This attempt was the  Baby Bear size ( you get the idea) with a perfect fit … although my daughter is not a baby anymore.

Baby Bear size hat ... a perfect fit!

She shreds up the snowy mountains on her snowboard, because gurlz rule!

So this hat is for D-Spin, my fierce snow rider, who always needs to sport a cool hat after a long day on the slopes.

Stay toasty warm honey!

P.S.  Be safe!

February Lady Sweater

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Well another February has rolled around and I finally have begun the sweater project I’ve been longing for.  This is the February Lady Sweater knit with Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece.   I’ve knit two baby versions of this sweater without much problem, but this “grown ass” (pattern author’s own words) size is giving me quite a challenge.

I’ve sent this to the frog pond (rip it, rip it … ) on numerous occasions.  You can see the kinked yarn in this photo because it’s been torn out too many times.  My solution – thanks to the kind fellow knitters on Ravelry – is to place stitch markers every 7 stitches (gull lace pattern repeat).  Some of these little gems are visible.  Hopefully I’ll be able to cruise along and only fix mistakes easily located in the error section.  My goal is to finish this by the end of this month.  My regular job definitely is interferring with my goal setting.  Wish me luck!

joy and headache