Birthday Celebration #3

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bd grillers

Because of the snowstorm last weekend, we postponed our son’s birthday dinner celebration until tonight.  It’s a tradition for him to choose bd’s Mongolian Grill.  The wait time for dinner was about two hours, but it was worth it.   This place is alot of fun.  You choose your “raw” foods, create your own sauce, and the grillers ham it up and grill it before your eyes.  These guys were good sports in posing for my photo.  I hope my son enjoyed this celebration.

Too much food!

Since we had quite a bit of time to occupy, we took a long walk on the 16th Street Mall.  Although we hopped on the mall shuttle bus for a few blocks, this mode of travel looked much more desirable.  Yee Haw!

prettiest mode of travel


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  1. DAVE Says:

    That was well worth the wait

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