Easter … Saturday

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This year, my family celebrated Easter Sunday a day early. My cousin Roxy graciously hosted this “eggstravaganza” again this year, and it was an absolute blast for everyone of all ages.

The little ones enjoyed their egg hunt and even got a visit from the Easter Bunny.

There was a bouncy castle and even a trampoline for kids both big and small.

There was a lot of catching up with family.

After the children’s egg hunt, it was time for the adults to run around and have fun too. Twenty four dozen confetti filled, colorful eggs, were scattered throughout the backyard. The grown-ups ran around wildly, picking up eggs and cracking them over the heads of one another. Colorful confetti was falling faster than ticker tape at a Macy’s Day Parade!

It is believed that cracking these fun-filled eggs will bring the recipient good luck in the upcoming year. Nothing is more funny than watching multiple generations of men and women acting just like kids. The energy and laughter were delightful!

It looks like lots of luck is coming my way!

It also looks like Roxy also will have a year of good luck!

Woot, woot!

Sharing the love with our hostess.

Thank you Vince and Roxy for a glorious day filled with good food, good fun, and good people.


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