Happy (Belated) Birthday!

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Happy Birthday to my daughter!

I’m embarrassed to say that this birthday wish is now over a month old.  Better late than never, I say!

When my first child (daughter) was born, I had no idea how she would change my life in the most positive way.

I fell instantly in love with her the moment our eyes met.  She had the most ruby-red lips, downy soft hair, and lovely pink skin.

To this day, she still is the most beautiful little baby girl I have ever seen!

She let the world know she had arrived, by the wails drifting down the halls of the hospital, while the nurses bathed her and checked her vitals.   My little baby girl and I were inseparable.  She was so adorable and fascinating.

Now I get to watch my adult daughter venture out into the world and share her beauty, brilliance, devotion, humor and energy, with all who are lucky enough to get to know her.  People love her.  She makes me so proud, because there is nothing that can hold her adventurous spirit back.

This birthday I decided to use my new found time to make her something special.  After our trip to Italy, I was inspired by the stunning stained glass in the cathedrals.  Knowing that my daughter exudes charm, multi-facets and  radiance, much as the stained glass, I knew a stained glass quilt would be perfect for her.

She was completely surprised by this very personal gift from me.


So here’s to a sparkling year ahead, that is filled with a multitude of  splendid moments.

I love you so very much honey!


2 Responses to “Happy (Belated) Birthday!”

  1. Diane Says:

    Thank you so much for this post and especially for the quilt. I love it so much and it’s even better because it’s from you. Love you Momma!!!

  2. P Says:

    I love you so much too!

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