Happy Birthday … a few days ago

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I woke up on my birthday morning thinking that I’d spoil myself with a gift of a mani-pedi.  I picked this cheerful, pretty, pink polish, that had little iridescent flecks in it.

pretty in pink

Mani-Pedi … priceless

Having to do it myself … also priceless!

My first birthday celebration was glorious, and was spent with my wonderful family.  We spent part of the day in the mountains on a picnic and a four mile hike.  We then had a delicious lasagna dinner that my husband made.

Now, I’m so happy that I get to celebrate my birthday again with some amazing women tomorrow.  My long time friend, my aunt and my future daughter-in-law are all coming over for a pot-luck dinner and then…

Thanks to my son, who always seems to come through with great ideas, we all get to go to the Indigo Girls concert!

I couldn’t think of a better way of celebrating my birthday again, than with people who are so special to me.

I’ll miss having my daughter with us for this night of fun!

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday … a few days ago”

  1. Roxanne Romero Says:

    Waiting for pics of the wedding and your trip to Hawaii!!

  2. P Says:

    Hi Roxy!
    You were SO pretty at the reception. It was so nice to see you and Vince there. I still need to re-format my photos so that they don’t hog so much memory space, then I’ll be good to go. Thanks for checking in! XO

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