Kauai ~ Day 2 ~ Sunrise, Hanalei Bay & BBQ

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Tuesday, May 14, 2012

I was still in a  restful sleep on our luxurious Westin king sized bed, when my husband woke me up and said that Michael and Ally were already outside and ready to go down to the beach to see the sunrise with us.  I quickly got dressed an rushed out of the hotel in the quiet calm of the soothing sea air.

The descent down to the beach was about a 10-15 minute walk down a steep path riddled with leaves and fallen mangoes.  The beach below the cliffs of the resort was magnificent!  We arrived just barely in time to take some amazing sunrise photos.

sunrise at Princeville ~ Kauai

Dave and took a two mile walk along the golf course, where we saw a baby albatross sitting in the tall grass. It was so cute and fluffy as it tried to look invisible. Then we went to a breakfast feast in Cindy and Matt’s room. We ate savory Portugese sausage for the first time and enjoyed smooth cups of Kona coffee with our new family. My youngest son was too sleepy to get up at sunrise today, but he did get up in time to enjoy this scrumptious breakfast.

Next we headed a bit west to Hanalei Bay … yes, one and the same as the “land called Hanalei” in Puff the Magic Dragon. We parked and trekked the steep descent down a winding path surrounded by dramatic foliage and flowers, to the St. Regis resort pool area, and then to Hanalei Bay beach just beyond.

St. Regis

Just a side note, that George Clooney stayed at the St. Regis while filming the movie, “The Descendants.” Apparently it’s a movie star hotel.

Most importantly, this beach is the place where Michael proposed to Ally a year ago.

Of all the places we visited on our trip, Hanalei Bay has to be my most favorite! Its majestic, velvety green mountains, surrounding the most calm and clear waters, makes this the perfect place to relax.

After our beach day, we went back to the resort to rest up. Dusty and I went down to the BBQ pavilion early to save the space for the big dinner Cindy and Matthew were providing for all the wedding guests.

Dave manned a grill, while Matthew managed the other. We ate chicken thigh sandwiches, boca burgers, chips, grilled pineapple and skewered veggies, as well as sweet potato fries and onion rings. The food was excellent as well as the company, although I was anxious for my parents to arrive the next day.

It was off to bed for Dave and me after having drinks in Cindy and Matt’s room, while others in our group continued to party into the night.

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