Kauai ~ Day 3 ~Chillin’ at the Westin

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wedding Details

This morning my family went on an open door helicopter ride over the entire island of Kauai, which I opted out of.  While they were out playing, I stayed back at the resort and did a walk-through of possible wedding ceremony sites with the bride, groom, Cindy (Ally’s Mom) and Uncle Buddy (event clergy extraordinaire).

bride, groom & Uncle Buddy

After looking at several different places on the property, Mike and Ally knew they had found the perfect location for their nuptials. The pap’i (covered, thatched roof hut), was located on a cliff overlooking the cerulean waters of the ocean below. It offered the perfect exposure to the soothing trade winds and just the right amount of protection from the possibility of warm rains that northern Kauai is known for.

This is it!

Mike and Ally and their friends went to the southern part of the island to meet the rest of our family at PoiPu Beach Park. They all intended to hike back to a secluded are where they could rope swing into a deep pool of water, but learned that it had been closed due to too many deaths. Huh? They never told me about that sort of danger.

Anyway, they all enjoyed time spent at PoiPu beach and were so luck to have been able to see a monk seal loungin’ around on land. Apparently monk seals have been know to chase and attack people (especially children) who get too close, so I guess there still was an element of danger there too.

I spent time waiting for my parents’ arrival back at our villa, on the lanai (balcony), sipping Kona coffee and reading a book on my Nook. It’s so rare for me to just lounge around and enjoy the tranquil peace of my surroundings. I absolutely LOVED this experience. Later, I had lunch with my parents who arrived in the afternoon.

gorgeous villa

For dinner this night, we had dinner with Monee and Papa at one of the grill areas on the grounds. Michael was able to join us too. At dusk, all the tiki torches are illuminated along the walk-ways, making the whole resort look magical. We truly were in paradise awaiting the most magical wedding I’ve ever seen.

Aloha for now.

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