Wedding Day Bliss ~Kauai ~ Day 6

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Day of Fun

Friday, May 18, 2012

Morning relaxation

The big day had finally arrived and was filled with a variety of fun activities for everyone prior to the ceremony that took place at 5:00 that evening.  We had a choice of golf at some fancy course, getting an outdoor massage, exploring on our own, or going on a snorkeling excursion.  My son (groom) chose to go golfing, Diane and Dave went snorkeling at Tunnels, and Ally chose to get a morning massage along with the majority of other guests, including Dustin and me.

I’ve never been so pampered in all my life.  The masseuse used a lavender scented oil while I enjoyed the warm trade winds and gazed at the lovely palm leaves and ocean rocks arrangement below my head rest.  Love, love, loved, this experience!  Refreshing fruited water followed.  I was so relaxed the entire day … funny how that works.

Michael and Ally chose to not see each other the night before, and the day of the wedding.   After the women got their massages, we headed off to the pool.  No boys allowed!  Anyway, this pool was also an infinity pool that overlooked the ocean.  We ordered drinks and lunch (probably shouldn’t of ordered that huge cheeseburger and fries … but YUM!) from the cabana boy, and lounged around relaxing, and enjoying our beautiful surroundings.

Getting Ready

Michael got ready in his room along with the other men.

The women went to Cindy’s room to get ready at 2:30 where Michael and Ally’s friend Annabelle was rockin’ the hairstyling for everyone.

Right before the ceremony, Michael and Ally were blindfolded and led to a  grassy area where the photographers got some great photos. The happy couple were anxious with anticipation and so happy to see share a few special moments together, even though they couldn’t see one another.  So, so, sweet


Waiting for our cue, Michael was nervous and very anxious to see his beautiful bride.

The ceremony took place under a papa’i (little thatched roof hut), located on a cliff overlooking the ocean. When Michael saw Ally in her wedding dress, she  literally took his breath away.  She was so stunning in her elegant gown and my son, so very handsome waiting for his soon-to-be wife to join him.  My son and his bride wrote their own vows, and Ally’s uncle Buddy officiate their union. The ceremony was both touching and lighthearted and evoked both tears of joy and laughter. Afterwards, there were bubbles, cool sunglasses, and quick photos before going on to celebrate.


The day truly was like the most magical dream. My son and Ally were so happy, and all of us got to par-tay like there was no tomorrow! I wish them a lifetime of happiness.


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