No Mo Trash!

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I stumbled upon this grosso little bookshelf at a garage sale in my neighborhood.  It was the last half hour of their sale, and these women were more than happy to get rid of this eyesore.

dirty little piece

Of course I offered them a ridiculous price (one that I thought they’d never consider) since they were asking only $5 for it.  Yep, $2 exchanged hands as I proudly meekly, and awkwardly carried the bookcase to my car.

They were happy to get rid of it, and I knew I had my work cut out for me.  There were spider webs, grit and grime, but this didn’t stop me from seeing the true potential in this bookcase.  It was made of solid pine, and solid wood is always a plus in my book.  The top and bottom moldings added some nice interest as well.

I scrubbed her clean, then my husband repaired the imperfections with wood filler.  He also hammered in some new nails to keep the trim work nice and tight.

After some sanding, I primed it, and gave it two coats of a lovely, creamy white paint with a smooth sponge roller.  After lots of time drying, she was given a few coats of polyurethane to protect her as books and other accessories were soon to be slid over the wood shelves.

Now she’s a beauty!  It doesn’t even look like the ratty piece of furniture that I began with.

sparkling and new

Cost breakdown :

$2.00 for the bookcase

free  primer – already had this

free  paint (house trim color)

$4.00 (or less) worth of polyurethane


Grand Total:  $6.00

If you have the energy and are willing to invest some time (now that I have plenty) on a neglected piece of furniture, then you too can have a lovely result in the end.

I’m looking forward to filling the shelves with books, photographs and other accent pieces.  Its home will be in a reading nook in our office.

Go me!

2 Responses to “No Mo Trash!”

  1. Mike Says:

    Go you! Seriously an awesome find.

  2. P Says:

    Thanks for reading!
    You aren’t kidding about my good fortune! Just wait to see what I do with that Ethan Allen dresser. It’s built beautifully, but just needs some serious elbow grease on the top.
    Love, P

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