Just a little Whimsy ~ Mother / Daughter Style

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For Mother’s Day, my lovely daughter gave me a wonderful gift.  We spent an  evening  together at a studio painting  a picture of the flatirons.  Now, I’ve never painted anything on canvas before, so this was a brand new experience for me.

As a child, I loved those paint-by-number paint sets I seemed to get at Christmas time.  I painted plenty of horses in a meadow and other things I can’t remember,  on velvet … but never on canvas.

The owner of the studio’s daughter, was a girl I recognized as one of my kindergarten students more than twenty years ago.  She immediately recognized me as her kindergarten teacher and was amazed that I remembered her and her name.  It would of been fun if she was the instructor for the evening, but she wasn’t.

I consider myself to be a very creative person … you know, the artsy/craftsy kind.  The other thing about me is that I’m a perfectionist, so I knew this may pose a bit of a challenge in the two hour period.

Everything was going smoothly until the teacher shouted out that it was time for us to finish up and go, since he was closing.  I still had to finish my path, more green shrubs, and all of the flowers!  This is when I went from “Oh, this is so cool, working at my turtle pace,” to …  “Oh my god!  I need to rush and splat down the paint so I can walk out with a finished product!”

My daughter’s painting was gorgeous!  It showed the carved edge of the flatiron mountains, and the delicate petals of all her dainty meadow flowers.   None of which I was able to achieve.  As a matter of fact, I admire these very mountains right outside my window every day, and yet I completely froze and forgot what they actually looked like!

My painting is more like a Monet, meant to be admired from afar.  It’s grown on me, and I actually love it!

All in all, it was a very good experience for me since it took me out of my comfort zone.  Best of all, was the time I was able to spend with my amazing daughter.

My painting will be proudly hung in my sewing/craft studio at home.  A reminder that everything doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be enjoyed.

Thanks, and I love you Diane!

Easter … Saturday

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This year, my family celebrated Easter Sunday a day early. My cousin Roxy graciously hosted this “eggstravaganza” again this year, and it was an absolute blast for everyone of all ages.

The little ones enjoyed their egg hunt and even got a visit from the Easter Bunny.

There was a bouncy castle and even a trampoline for kids both big and small.

There was a lot of catching up with family.

After the children’s egg hunt, it was time for the adults to run around and have fun too. Twenty four dozen confetti filled, colorful eggs, were scattered throughout the backyard. The grown-ups ran around wildly, picking up eggs and cracking them over the heads of one another. Colorful confetti was falling faster than ticker tape at a Macy’s Day Parade!

It is believed that cracking these fun-filled eggs will bring the recipient good luck in the upcoming year. Nothing is more funny than watching multiple generations of men and women acting just like kids. The energy and laughter were delightful!

It looks like lots of luck is coming my way!

It also looks like Roxy also will have a year of good luck!

Woot, woot!

Sharing the love with our hostess.

Thank you Vince and Roxy for a glorious day filled with good food, good fun, and good people.



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I’m not the most graceful of people in this stage of my life but… this was completely not my fault!

Thanks to the mega wind gusts on Friday, I’m sporting this lovely blackish, yellowish, shiner.  This is my first black eye, and it really hurts.

People  stare at me when I’m shopping.  I feel the need to put on my Jackie O. glasses and navigate around the aisles in the dark to avoid the staring, and the need to explain that a big, brown, recycle bin + hurricane force winds, kicked my face’s A$$!

black eye mess

The reason this happened is because I’m such a good Samaritan.  I decided to wheel my humongous recycle cart to the backyard on a high wind day,  when abruptly a hurricane gust of wind slammed into me … and that stupid cart.   The cart’s lid flipped backwards with such a strong force, it nearly knocked me down to the ground.  Unfortunately, my face caught the brunt of that blow.

The hard plastic hit my face so hard that my first thought was, “Oh my god, it knocked out my front teeth, what is the name of that last dentist I saw”?  After rooting around my mouth with my tongue, I discovered that all my teeth were there (even though my front tooth was roughed up on the bottom).

I next thought whether or not my eyeball was laying on the concrete on the side of our house.  Since I darted into my house so quickly, and I didn’t feel my foot squish my eyeball along the way, I assumed it was still inside its socket.

At first, I looked just like a boxer with a broken nose,  as there was immediate swelling so that my nose became very wide on the bridge, and was slightly bleeding.  Two of my kids have broken their noses, and fixing that was NOT something I wanted to endure, so I prayed my nose was going to be alright.

I had a nice red “slap” mark on my face courtesy of the big brown beast.  I’ve iced off and on all weekend, and have taken more ibuprofen than I’ve taken the last year in total.  Because I’m so bad A$$, I even went on a two mile walk right after the accident.  I  wasn’t about to let that ghastly wind scare me, so I just took an ice pack and iced along the way.  Afterwards, I didn’t feel so good.

The moral to the story is to let your big, strong, husband take care of the big brown beast on hurricane wind days!

ding, ding, ding, … round 10 … I win!

Happy Thanksgiving ~ Stuffed Like a Turkey

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A picture is worth a thousand words!

I ate too much!

I have a feeling that today I’m going to to look like Marlin after our Thanksgiving feast.

Enjoy time spent with your family.


Happy Belated Birthday Mom!

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My mom loves all things lemon, so I baked her a super lemon infused cake for her birthday.

lemony lemon birthday cake

I’ve always thought she’s an angel on earth.  She is so beautiful, patient, kind,  and always, always,  positive.

You might say that she takes life’s lemons and turns them into lemonade 100% of the time.

Now that is an art my friends.

Hope your day was joyful and that the upcoming year brings you everything good.

Love you!